Navigation & Signaling Lights

Engineered Plastic Luminaire
With Retrofit Base)

Diameter: 2.25 inches
Height: 3 inches

Eliminate RUST and Reduce Top Side Weight 

Incorporating our thermoplastic, metal-free optical diffusers (luminaires) with our remote source lighting technology can elimiate rust and significantly reduce topside weight.

The diffusers are 1/10 the size of conventional lamps and weigh far less reducing weight in critical areas of the ship. Mil-Spec qualified for shock, vibration, wave load, and COLREGS compliant. They also eliminate EMI/RFI emissions. They are available in all topside navigation and signaling lights.  


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RSL engineered plastic luminaires used on both the LPD 17 San Antonio Class (shown above) and the Italian FREMM Bergamini class.


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