Shipboard Lighting

Proven Technology

RSL Fiber Systems LLC is the sole source provider of remote source lighting technology to the US Navy and Italian Navy. Our unique solution generates light from a light engine which can be placed in an easy to access location and transports light via a proprietary fiber optic cable to a non-electric optical diffuser.

RSL's shipboard remote source lighting products are fully Mil-Spec qualified systems used to solve unique navy illumination problems. RSL has installed over 60 remote source lighting systems for the US and Italian Navies. Remote source lighting technology meets the demand for specific applications such as waterline security areas, access ramp areas, navigation lights, topside lighting, and mission bay lighting. Our solutions also meet the modernization demand for reductions in operating and support (O&S) costs.

Navigation & Signaling Lights Embedded, Flush Mounted Lights
 Ramp & Area Lights 

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