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Industrial Remote Source Lighting

RSL apdapted its innovative Navy shipboard remote source lighting technology for use in industrial hazardous locations such as gas turbine power plants.

The light source is safely placed outside the harsh or hazardous environment to be illuminated.  The light is transmitted inside the area via optical fibers and is emitted by non-electric luminaires, eliminating 100% of the electrical hazards associated with traditional lights.

Our system currently has UL, IEC and several country specific electric product certifications and the CE Mark is on the way. Although we just released this product for market early 2016, we have already shipped well over 45 units to customers and have many more on order including South Korea and Taiwan. 

Ideal for High Temperature
Hazardous Environment


  • Designed for installation external to the hazardous location to be illuminated.
  • Housed within a corrosion resistant NEMA 4X enclosure.
  • IP56 rated to protect personnel against internal parts, prevent ingress of solid foreign objects, and provide protection from dust and water.
  • Can operate continuously at temperatures from -40°C to +55°C with no adverse effect on the LED life.

Fiber Optic Cable

  • The fiber optic cables are routed inside the hazardous location to be illuminated.
  • The cables have a flexible, interlocked steel sheath and are rated to 150°C.
  • The high temperature rating is ideal for enclosures such as power generation gas turbines where elevated temperatures may occur.
  • Cables are typically fed through a cable transit sealing the enclosure. The portion external to the enclosure has a protective plastic shield.

Luminaires are installed within the enclosure and are rated to 125°C.  Higher temperature options are available.  

*These are baseline temperature requirements. Higher temperature ratings can be achieved for more extreme applications. An illuminator designed to operate at +60oC is available on request. 

RSL Commercial
Remote Source Lighting Unit

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Typical RSL System Configuration

The RSL remote source fiber optic illumination system consists of one (1) light engine or illuminator with three (3) high effeciency white LED light sources.  Each LED is optically coupled to one (1) bifurcated fiber optic cable assembly transporting light to two (2) luminaires, emitting a minimum of 250 lumens in a circular pattern.  In this configuration, each illuminator provides light to six (6) luminaires.

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