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Machinery Active Visibility System

Active Visibily Systems make machinery more visible to area workers so that they can keep a safe distance. In fact, a study by NIOSH showed that this "Active Visibility Technology" can reduce struck by or pinning accidents. This system is licensed by NIOSH and the light engine and fiber cable are approved by MSHA for use in permissive and non-permissive environments.

    NIOSH Study  

Active Visibility Gear

Active Visibility Gear make miners more visible by utilizing side emitting optical fibers incorporated in suspenders and  safety vests using a similar concept as  the machinery outline. The miners' safety is enhanced by making them more evident to equipment operators.  Unlike passive safety vests, the Active Visibility Gear does not rely on reflectors which require incident light.  Instead active illumination is powered by an LED with a 50 hour battery life.  This light engine is MSHA approved for use in both permissive and non-permissive environments.

Active Visibility Personal Flotation Devices

These devices provide added safety both aboard ships and in water.  The U.S.C.G. approved flotation device is equipped with side emitting fiber optics powered by a submersible waterproof LED light. The vest is illuminated on the front, back and sides making the wearer visible from all angles unlike traditional front vest strobe beacons. The life vest also provides additional light directed downwards to prevent trip and fall accidents while on board. 


Active Visibility For Working Dogs

Rescue, police and other working dogs can remain visible with this water proof lighted harness.  Visibility is increased during both day and night activities.  Light engine and fiber optic cable are securely attached to a heavy duty harness.  Light engine and fiber optic cable can be adapted to different harness types upon request.

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